Refinement of AADL Models for Synthesis of Embedded Systems (RAMSES)

What is RAMSES?

RAMSES (Refinement of AADL Models for Synthesis of Embedded Systems) is a model transformation and code generation tool that produces C code for POSIX, ARINC653, or OSEK compliant operating systems. RAMSES interfaces with OSATE2 and proposes a command-line interface to OSATE2. RAMSES proceeds by refinement insofar as it produces a simplified version of an AADL model as an intermediate step towards code generation. This simplified model includes a behavior annex subclause that expresses the behavior resulting from the expansion of AADL components.

RAMSES user manual

Installation and Use with OSATE

Generate Code from an Example

Sources and Bug Tracking

Developers: set up a development environment for RAMSES


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