AADL-BA-FrontEnd for ‚ÄčOSATE 2 is an editor for AADL V2 behavior specifications, integrated and distributed with the reference AADL v2 editor: OSATE 2 (Open Source AADL Tool Environment) developed by the SEI. The behavior specification interpreted by this editor is defined in the Behavior Model Annex of the AADL V2 standard. This annex was designed to model the behavior of AADL components using state machines. It defines syntactic, semantic, and consistency rules to ensure a given behavior specification is meaningful. The AADL-BA-FrontEnd plug-in checks that behavior specifications follow these rules. It also implements a data type checker that verifies (according to strict rules close to the Ada type checking) the consistency of data manipulations (assignments, comparison, etc.).


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