OSATE Declarative-Instance Mapping Tool

OSATE-DIMĀ is a tool for performing the backward transformation from AADL Instance to Declarative models, known as Deinstantiation. This transformation is the inverse function of the Instantiation forward transformation. The tool is designed to perform incremental backward transformations, to provide maximum information preservation in the AADL model view update problem. Three different de-instantiation commands cover a wide range of user requirements: from the novice, to designer, to developer.

Installation and use with OSATE


Transformation Rules

Example Case Studies

Sources and Bug Tracking


[MBBB22] Rakshit Mittal, Dominique Blouin, Anish Bhobe, Soumyadip Bandyopadhyay. “Solving the Instance Model View-Update Problem in AADL”

[MB22] Rakshit Mittal, Dominique Blouin. “OSATE-DIM Solves the Instance Model View-Update Problem in AADL”